In Switzerland, elections and votes take place every three months. Therefore political information campaigns are of great importance. Since the foundation of Winkler communication we are closely involved in voting campaigns. Our clients can count on a serious situation assessment as well as a special expertise. On top of that, we draw up a clear line of argument and mobilise professionals from various political levels. We naturally can ensure perfect command of publicity tools.

In the light of her science education and background Gabriela Winkler is able to deal with technically difficult and complex issues. Furthermore, as a result of her lengthy experience as a communicator, she knows how to explain complicated issues in a simple way and therefore can bring them closer to the citizens.

Big companies have high standards in society. Often, the fate of whole areas depends on their wellbeing. Changes in a company, such as relocations of manufacturing, new constructions and renovations are of public interest. Conversely, a company is strongly dependent on social trends and developments. For this reason, the acceptance of new products and research is necessary in order to secure the future of the group.

Regular contact with decision makers in politics, the cooperation with state authorities is as much important as a continuous observation of the political and social developments in a country. Companies would do well to announce their needs on time and take up their social responsibilities.